About Maini Partners

Maini Partners is a national consulting company specializing in business development, strategy, digital marketing, creative services, brand development, and communications. We partner with companies of all sizes and in varied stages of development.

We thrive on being your growth partner; working with you to elevate your business to the next level of success, through creating actionable strategies with sustainable value.

Our Capabilities

Our experience helps you mobilize for change, develop new ideas and strategies with sustained value. Strong strategies are those which can be implemented and improved. We strengthen your brand positioning, and we are your “Growth Partner.”

Earn advocacy with highly targeted communications across the appropriate channels, to the right audience and stakeholders, while maintaining brand consistency and authority.

Whether it’s a worldwide campaign, a client presentation, or a tweet with 140 characters, we will bring your message to life in a meaningful way. Great design and messaging comes from listening to the customer.

Fresh and engaging design, starting with the end in mind. We work with you using thorough discover, design, develop, debug and deliver workflow phases.

Consistency, character, design & recognition while being flexible creates a brand people can relate to and interact with easily. We believe interactive brands are the most successful.

Listen, engage and share to grow your brand influence and recognition. Our proprietary tools give you the power to gain valuable insights and drive business growth with precision.

Strategy leads to development and distribution. No matter how large or small your campaign, we research, identify, and produce the content your target audience is trying to find.

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